About Us

Rising Sun Security AgencyRising Sun Security and Investigation Agency, Inc. was a result of Five (5) decades of security experience in various industries.

The majority stockholder of the Company and its President, Giovanni U. Rosales, is the son of Guillermo “Gerry” Rosales – a Colonel in the Philippine Army. The Colonel initially started Northern Star Investigation and Security Agency on the year 1982, the sister company of Rising Sun. The President of the Company was initially tasked by his father with handling the operational affairs of Northern Star. Forty (40) years of training and exposure resulted to an expertise unparalleled in the Security Industry.

After discovering the limitations of the current security industry, the President decided to start an innovative company that would spearhead the industry with regard to: (i) modern operating procedures; (ii) operational efficiency; (iii) quality assurance; (iv) customer satisfaction; and, (v) professionalism. As to the mind of the President, the said qualities were essential and necessary in a company that would embody an industry-leading company.

Thus, the rising of the sun.

Rising Sun Security and Investigation agency was born in 2002 when no less than the Chief of Philippine National Police through the Security Agency and Guard Supervision Division (SAGSD) issued the Company’s License to Operate. Initially, the Company was registered as a Sole Proprietorship with the Department of Trade and Industry. However, in 2009, the Company was registered and recognized by the Security and Exchange Commission.

Again, in line with his purpose of being the industry-leading company, the President streamlined the processes in the Company beginning at the training level. Only the best candidates at its Academy graduated in order to serve the best clients. The Company’s guards are taught solid core values and the Company adopts a stance that there is no substitute for vigilance. Rising Sun guards stand for alertness, discipline, efficiency, and respect.

Of course, the Company is only as good as its officials. It is with this mindset, the Company has tapped various industries i.e. Telecommunications, Electronics and Computer, Management, and Legal, in order to find viable officers who are able to bring their expertise in the security industry. As a result, the officials of the company are as diverse and flexible to changing needs of the Company’s clientele.


The Guards

To uphold the Company’s integrity and reputation, Rising Sun Security and Investigation Agency, Inc. employs measures to ensure that every guard added to its roster meets the strictest qualifications.  Having a strong background in security is one of the basic requirements. Only guards with impeccable records are accepted. Yet, Rising Sun is still mindful that a continuous training is necessary to ensure that: (i) the quality of service goes beyond the expectation of every client; and, (ii) the guards possess the right skills, knowledge, and values needed to deliver nothing short of first-class security and investigation services. As such, Rising Sun conducts constant seminars and training to reorient the guards in the procedural standards to be observed as well as practical training which is not limited to:


  1. Emergency and Disaster Preparedness;
  2. First Aid;
  3. Firearm Practical and Combat Live Training and Shooting;
  4. VIP Close-In protection;
  5. Bomb Detection; and,
  6. Self-Defense.

In line with this, Rising Sun only reserve slots for Sixty (60) of the most qualified people, to ensure that their training is focused. The training and skill-enhancement programs are conducted by a qualified and experienced team of experts made up mostly of ex-military personnel, criminology professors, and veterans of the security industry.

In addition, Rising Sun only employs Operation Officers and Managers who are duly qualified and licensed as Certified Security Professional, Certified Security Management Specialist, Certified Security Trainer and Certified Mall Protection Professional.